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Concrete Contractor

Concrete Contractor | Verne Little Construction - Aberdeen, SD

As a concrete contractor in Aberdeen, SD we've seen a lot over the years. When the land beneath us has to endure lows in the -30s and then, six months later, highs of 120 degrees, it puts a lot of stress on foundations, sidewalks, garages, etc. At Verne Little Construction, our mission, to “insuring quality and schedule” starts literally from the ground up.

We've have pouring concrete foundations down to an exact science, especially when you hire us to construct the building that goes on top of it, as well. A concrete contractor who specializes in only pouring will do their best to get the foundation level but if it's not entirely perfect, they assume the contractors can make up for it after the fact. That can be a pain for builders — take it from a builder! When we pour a concrete foundation or slab, we get it square, making everything in the house that much structurally sound.

With those extreme temperature differences that we face here in Aberdeen, concrete in your home and around your property may start to show signs of age over the years. Cracks in your driveway or sidewalk are unsightly and can have a snowball effect of starting small but getting progressively worse.

We feel that if we fix the crack early, it minimizes the potential for costly repairs down the line. While on site, we also inspect for underlying problems, such as poor drainage. That can be fixed early for a fraction of the price of replacing an entire driveway or remodeling a soaked basement.

Last but not least, a concrete contractor can add some spice to your property. Stamped concrete with decorative patterns is all the rage these days and adds incredible value and aesthetic quality to your home. There are dozens of designs that can be used to customize the exterior of your home — from brick patterns to cobblestone, and much more.

Give us a call for all your concrete concerns, whether you think you might have potential problems, or just want to upgrade the looks.