Agricultural Building Construction

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Agricultural Building Construction

Agricultural Building Construction | Verne Little Construction - Aberdeen, SD

Many farmers and owners of significant acreage in the Aberdeen area take the tempting task to try DIY agricultural building construction. Like any good business person, eliminating overhead should always be investigated. What seems to always happen though, is that inexperience on the project leads to it taking a significantly longer time, and cuts into other responsibilities. At Verne Little Construction we can turn that DIY months-long project into a week’s effort — guaranteed to be sturdy, level and secure.

While agricultural building construction does represent an expense right away, there are many ways to recoup the investment. For most farmers or commercial company owners such as landscapers or painters, the structures can be written off on taxes as a business expense. In addition, these buildings provide a work space in inclement weather to keep the job moving and help save wear and tear on machinery left out in the elements. Some of the most popular types of buildings include:

Pole Barns — The pole barn can be built over the course of a couple days, or we can just install the poles, girts, and rafters, so the structure can be easily completed by an individual over time.

Machine Sheds — When more cover and insulation is needed than a pole barn, a complete machine shed is the ideal option.

• Insulated Work Shop — Whether trying to work on equipment in inclement weather, or just searching for a private place to relax, a private work shop accomplishes both.

Agricultural building construction offers one of the better returns on investment. Feel free to call or email us anytime, so that we can go over some more custom options for your personal needs and business.