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About Verne Little Construction

About Us | Verne Little Construction - Aberdeen, SD

Verne Little Construction thrives on our personal motto of insuring quality and schedule. This is incredibly important to us to not only keep on schedule with our other clients, but to make sure you get in your home or have access to your agriculture buildings by the date we promised. Besides delivering a new home addition or remodeling project that you can truly love and enjoy for years to come, our promptness and attention to detail is our next top priority.

Our company builds or remodels your Aberdeen, SD home and agricultural structures from the ground up, save for the electrical and plumbing. This is a benefit for you, our customer, as you are always in-the-loop about the schedule and progress of every aspect of your project. There's no more waiting around for the drywall company to get back or having the flooring guys delay a project because we are those guys. We've looked into laying our own pipes and wiring houses ourselves in the past, but decided it was in the best interest of the project to leave that to the experienced, well-trained industrialists who call that trade their profession.

Feel free to call us or email us anytime to discuss availability, or the type of project that would be an ideal fit for your land. Thanks for visiting.