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Concrete Contractor

Concrete Contractor | Verne Little Construction - Aberdeen, SD

As a concrete contractor in Aberdeen, SD we've seen a lot over the years. When the land beneath...

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Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling | Verne Little Construction - Aberdeen, SD

Home remodeling in Aberdeen has almost endless benefits. First off, additions can add more living...

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Agricultural Building Construction

Agricultural Building Construction | Verne Little Construction - Aberdeen, SD,SD

Many farmers and owners of significant acreage in the Aberdeen area take the tempting task...

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Welcome To Verne Little Construction

The interesting climate of Aberdeen, SD has enabled Verne Little Construction to expand our construction portfolio to a variety of projects. We've built everything from sun room additions for the nice weather, to insulated dog houses for the negative temperatures. One thing we've always prided ourselves on is being part of the complete construction process, starting with laying the foundation to slapping on the roof, to even the last coat of paint in a bedroom closet — all with a dedication to quality and schedule.

We are a concrete contractor in addition to your traditional hammer and nail-type workers. This is a huge asset, as we can control the schedule and quality of your project, starting with the excavation of the first speck of dirt. When building new, we'll ensure the foundation is level, because after all, we're the ones coming in to do the framing. We also specialize in repairs after the fact, to both foundations and sidewalks, driveways, etc., and we can even give your current, bland concrete layout a stylish, new upgrade.

Home remodeling is, perhaps, our most popular service rendered for a number of reasons. First of all, there are times when home repairs can’t be avoided, like when your car's brakes went out on that icy winter night and crashed through the garage, or when that windy night has left half your shingles in the neighbor's yard. Other than those critical repairs, home remodels improve quality of living while increasing the home's value, whether it be adjusting the layout of a master bedroom, or finally getting that downstairs man cave.

Finally, we also specialize in outdoor buildings to help take advantage of South Dakota's large agricultural community. Pole barns, machine storage, and insulated shops are all within our realm. It's just up to you to tell us what you want and need in these important buildings.

Our services range from large scale to the littlest projects you can imagine, so nothing is out of our reach. Call our offices, or email us today to see what we can do for you.

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